Winter is here.

Like fireflies in the night,
the stars shine bright,
in the moonless skies,
of the new moon night;

Many have now fallen,
their lights have faded,
but the dance of the fireflies,
never degraded.

Warriors have sailed,
to conquer the sirens,
battles have been won,
on the waves of Poseidon;

Their ships have now sunk,
the soldiers all dead,
and the waters have washed,
all traces of bloodshed.

Kings have ruled,
the sands of time,
dictators of democracy,
tyrannical and sublime;

All now dead,
their lands now lost,
their subjects still living,
in white winter frost.

The warm winds of summer,
in a warm yellow sun,
have blown across rivers,
and trees unsung;

The sun has now set,
to rise again,
once cold winter nights,
have soothed the pain.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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