From dawn to dusk

Covered in blood and slime,
brought into the world,
neither worry nor cause,
waiting for life to unfurl.

Memories made since,
now lost in time,
forgotten is the blood,
forgotten, the slime.

I remember the laughter,
but I’ve forgotten the pain,
I remember my summers,
I’ve forgotten the rains.

I remember the friendships,
although I’ve forgotten the friends,
I remember the days we met,
I’ve forgotten the ends.

I remember the love,
though I’ve forgotten the lovers;
The bed may be the same,
with a fresh set of covers.

And I’m happy with the knowledge,
that today will be forgotten with the rest,
and a new day shall replace it;
So shall continue, till I’m laid to rest.

Back to the blood I came from,
to ashes and to dust;
until the morning forgets me,
with the dawn of my dusk.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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