While I should be sleeping

I’m lying here,
not sure what to do.
I’m so bored,
so confused.

Can’t seem to fall asleep.
Too many thoughts in my head,
What time do I have to wake up?
Were the fish fed?

Love? No I’m too bored to think about that.
Think of something else.
No! stop thinking!
Sleep! You shouldn’t be blinking.

Food? I should eat that shrimp.
Am I hungry?
Not really.
May be just grab a drink.

Fuck, I’m horny now.
I need to sleep.
Oh, what the hell!
I’d ask for sleep if I could find a wishing well.

Great! Now I’m thinking about wells.

It’s dark.
Why isn’t it black when I close my eyes?
Did I leave a light on?
My reality is just a disguise.

Oh wait! That’s a good line,
write it before you forget.
You can use it;
The next time you sit to write.

Fuck it! Wake up and wait for morning now,
I can sleep when I get back home.
Now, That!
is gonna feel like heaven.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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