It’s all good today

On a day like today
when the sun didn’t shine,
the birds lay lazy,
and chose not to whine,
the rivers that flow red,
a shade of wine,
made their way peacefully,
through the filth and grime,
and the slug seemed quick,
as it waddled through the slime,
while I stared into the abyss,
the world seems fine.

It’s all good today,
in the gloom of this fog,
that looms over yonder,
and sings with the frog;
Over the pastures,
over the trees,
over the rivers,
dancing with bees,
over the land,
and over the sea,
over the rainbow,
hovering in glee;
It’s all good today
as I lay in bed,
free from the insanity,
that plagues my head.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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