Kevin Carter Syndrome

A voice recorder for taking notes,
while I drive around the city;
A city with street lights as bright as day,
you can never see the stars clearly;
A city where there are no lights in the aluminium-tin house with the plastic-wrapped bamboo roof;
Home for the family under the flyover.

A memo on my cell phone,
while I walk on the side of the road;
Paved concrete, smooth as silk,
a few potholes here and there;
Roads where they sell their hand-made “Panni” brooms
and graveyard flower bouquets.

A pen and a pad at home,
to write and compile what I have already written,
in the memo I made when the child on the street learned to grave-rob;
From the recorder I used while he remained without an education, illiterate;
When I sat on my desk in darkness, frowning at that old, dusty study lamp.

What use are these notes, the pen and the poem?
to the child who never learned to read.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

4 thoughts on “Kevin Carter Syndrome

    • heyy, how u been beautiful princess?.. so Kevin Carted was an award winning photojournalist from South Africa and a member of the Bang Bang club. In ’94 he won the Pulitzer for a photograph he took during the ’93 Famine in Sudan. The photograph showed a young starving girl being stalked by a vulture waiting for her to die… he never touched the girl or interfered with what was the natural order of things but post Pulitzer, when asked what happened to the girl after the photograph was taken, he could never answer the question. 3 months later he killed himself. … if you can, watch the 2010 movie “The Bang Bang Club” staring Taylor Kitsch… 😀


      • Things have been on the ups and downs as always in this rollercoaster of a life, haha. How have you been? 🙂

        And that is quite the story! And such a sad photograph although there was more than one side to what really took place that day. I believe if one sees so much sadness, violence, and hate – it can really take a toll on the human spirit. Had never heard of him before ’til now. Thank you for bringing this topic to light.


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