Lumps of coal

Little black heart,
this lump of coal,
to set afire,
in arid cold;
Through winter frost,
burning bold,
to break your reverie,
help dreams unfold;
Under lurid skies,
blazing deep,
your lump of coal,
I wish to keep;
For a divine barbecue
may then be lit,
while we ignite,
scorching white;
To feed the gods,
their hungerlust,
with the desolation of,
our charcoal crust;
and you and I
may then be one,
withering into,
the setting sun;
Where Gods and Goddesses,
and demons alike,
dance and feast,
on aphrodisiac delights;
To sooth their cravings,
this sensual night,
while they fornicate,
in are charred light.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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