Kiss the dementor

All alone,
in a cold dark room,
the freeze setting in,
goosebumps and jitters taking root,
emotions and death colliding;

Miserable, in conversation with yourself,
despair and darkness setting in,
happiness and hope,
draining away,
memories of righteous sins;

Dementors feeding at your soul,
eating away your life,
feed the dementor,
inside your head,
till there’s not much left alive;

Or, just, may be, you could!

Save the thought you emotional fool,
the thought of you in the sun,
save your dreams,
the ones you love,
to break out of your dungeon;

Kill the demon’,
tear off his hood,
he survives but,
inside your mind;
Bleed your life into his soul,
cut your self out from your bind.

Be the stag,
the doe-
-the horse,
be the jack russel terrier;
Be your self, your psychotic self;


be a little merrier.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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