By the pool

Under the awning,
spread out on a lounge chair with a bottle of vodka,
moonlight bouncing off her smooth white skin;

I envy the moonlight.

Under the stars,
dreaming her reality,
lost in the abyss with lust in her eyes;

I envy the abyss.

Her lips glistening in the starlight,
barely making it over the moon,
only to have a fleeting taste of her lips;

I envy the starlight.

Blood, flushing her face, the deepest shade of red,
cold air caressing her body for each touch causes it to have a million orgasms,
her tattoos the only ones inside her skin;

I envy her tattoos and I envy the air.

This girl,
more beautiful than the moon, the stars, the darkness,
alone in my heart;

While I’m out envying the universe;
By the pool.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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