Up in flames

Black pyre smoke,
drifting to the skies,
little flakes of burning wood,
and flesh and blood and lies;

Bright orange flames,
dragging themselves up,
by the skin of their nails,
dying to rise above;

Tossing and turning and swirling,
burning specks of dust!

Screeching and screaming and cracking,
with sound,
bobbing about in lust!

Dancing in the warmth,
till they turn to ash;

And dissipate in the rain.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

2 thoughts on “Up in flames

    • hmnnn if i find someone who could paint what i see… im pretty sure id be in love with such a woman.. 😀 thanks for ur words oloriel… and sorry for the late reply… been traveling last few weeks.


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