They stare at me.
From the corner of my room,
untouched for months,
they ask me,
in that deep resounding silence:
“Have you been cheating on us?”
“Have you found another,
to play with,
to hold,
to love?
Do your fingers now caress her?
Does she moan louder than we? When you’re lost in your ecstasy.”

And Angie: “Where have those days disappeared?
When you couldn’t be,
away from me.
When you carried me through rain,
and sang while I screamed in agony, yes you were terrible.
A Virgin then, I still let you play with me,
Was I but a fool in love?”

And Beth: Speechless, even in her grief.
She’s never witnessed such neglect.
That which has become me,
for a while now.

Me: “Angie my love,
Beth my darling princess,
I do not cheat,
None other will have me but the strings that choke your necks.
I just haven’t had time.”

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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