Your coy cheeks,
when I kiss your lips;

Your lips,
when you move your tongue between them to savor the taste of mine;

Your tongue,
when it slides inside my mouth, rolling and sliding and wrestling with mine;

Your breasts,
glistening in the moonlight that stalks you through the window;

Your thighs,
aching as my lips and my tongue crawl up, inching towards your clit;

Your clit,
as coy as your cheeks, hiding ‘neath her blanket of lust;

Your heart,
as you bury it in my chest while I bury myself into you;

My heart,
which you take in exchange for yours while we make love-

-As pink as yours,
when seen by the blind in a moonless night under the shade of my rain-clouds in the middle of nowhere.


By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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