Missed opportunities

She was lying on his bed,
they’d just made love,
she was still naked while he lit a cigarette and passed it to her;

A smoke ring was all she got.

She held his hand,
they were walking in the park,
she was shivering while he took his jacket off and placed it around her shoulders;

The arms of his jacket were all she would get to keep her warm.

She woke up screaming,
they’d gone to bed early,
she had goose bumps till he wiped her face, got her a glass of water and went back to sleep.

His moment of consciousness was all she had to comfort her.

She was crying,
they were out in the rain,
she was soaking wet and he didn’t have an umbrella to shelter her, nor a jacket to keep her warm against the wind.

He hugged her, kissed her, and put his hand around her as they made their way home.
She never felt any of it.
He had died a week ago.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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