‘Twas a dream,

There was a man,
with a heart,
made entirely of stone;

Wandering through the forest,
he met a girl and fell in love,
for reasons yet unknown.

She told him she was broken,
a hollow heart,
a million pieces lost;

So he broke his,
and gave her the pieces,
so she could mend hers at his cost.

But it was almost dawn,
and the man had to awake,
so he promised his fair princess, he’d return to her some day.

But the sun still shines,
as he yearns,
to go back to sleep;

For in his day-dreams,
she gives her heart to another,
for another to keep.

And he realizes,
he’s still fast asleep,

Till he wakes up cold,
with a hole in his chest,

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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