The worst part about being a writer,
is to stop yourself from writing when you’re not who you really are.
To stop yourself from saying,
what you don’t want to hear.
To stop yourself ,
when you want to be heard just ’cause it’ll keep you from listening to your screams.

To know when to stop,
when you’re in deeper,
and darker than where you live;
Until you find your way to where it’s still black,
but the possibility of light still exists.
For it is the light you write for and light that you seek.

‘Cause inside the abyss,
you are all the light you’ll ever have,
to see that piece of paper,
and guide that insatiable quill.
A writer must know,
how to hold himself back in turmoil,
lest his heart be frozen in the thrill.

And his words, mere scribbles of a blind man,
on a stained piece of paper.
Lest his work be written off-
as poetry.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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