Born free

I need a visa to travel
and a book to pray;
I’ve never met my neighbors
for they live far away; Across a line on a map.

I’ve never been baptized,
would the lord heed my prayer?
Ne’er circumcised.
So I may “ne’er enter here.”

Where countries liberate us
and religion saves,
and God
is but a part of the whole;

We’re forced to walk in circles,
on paths we’ve paved;
Ages ago
on this world.

Bound by a decaying society till I reach my grave;
And they said I was born free in this rave.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

2 thoughts on “Born free

  1. Last two lines made me really think about why us, as a society, are doing this to ourselves? A total contraption of freedom, by our own choice. I really liked this poem!


    • Chatyyy.. how are you?… its been a while… hmnn yeah, freedom is like that mirage in a desert, we keep walking toward it and further away from it at the same time… 😉


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