Would you fly? or sink?

Had a dream last night;
I was standing at some height,
staring yonder into a pool of light,
a sublime breathtaking sight;

Probably atop a cloud sheet,
I never did look down to sneak-a-peak*,
somewhere close to where the moon meets,
a dead star’s light of deceit;

I never looked down and this made me think,
what if I took a step, would I fly? or sink?
I think I saw the universe wink,
so I took a step, without a blink;

And a step I took, one straight ahead,
but I never moved, I was still right there, dead-
-center of where I stood, as earlier said,
just, a step ahead;

The universe had twisted,
reorientated itself to make me feel gifted,
made me believe I’d moved forward, shifted,
I was right where I was, and a space ahead, at the same time.
Woaah! That’s twisted.

What if this wasn’t a dream?
What if it were real?
What if we never move,
it’s just something we feel?

What if you never swim upstream,
rather the stream moves under?
‘ We never travel across town,
rather the town, neath us as it wanders?

What if we’re the inanimate,
and the stones, earth and stars,
the ones that move,
and we just feel, we have a groove;

Take away the land,
the earth and all else,
and take a step forward,
would you fly? or sink?

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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