Stillborn mother

She lay there naked,
upon her bed,
motionless and still.
Watched him leave,
the broken man,
shivering in the chill.

Days went by,
she realized,
no longer was she alone.
He’d left her then,
with a swollen womb
and broken heart of stone.

She held him within
and carried him,
nurtured him to grow.
She walked through hell
and died inside,
a better world he’d know.

She shed her tears,
through all the pain,
and sucked it up and smiled.
She prayed in haze,
through darker days,
waiting for her child,

And with the dawn,
the time had come,
for her child to live.
She smiled and watched,
her child forsake
and leave her.
Like his father did!

We pass her by
as she watches us,
none shall stop and stay.
None to hold her, in his arms
on this lonely Mother’s day

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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