Roaches under my skin

Crawling under my skin,
struggling to break out,
tear out of my cocoon skin,
deafening me with their shouts;

Crawling under my skin,
eating me from within,
screaming and scratching and dying inside,
dying to get out of my burbling hide;

Crawling under my skin,
infesting my heart,
eating my flesh and rotting away,
as they try to tear me apart;

Crawling under my skin,
these vermin that disgust,
roaches they fucking eat me,
my roaches that I trust.

Always there,
they never leave,
under my skin,
they try to cleave, a way out.

I’m the roach,
my dreams, my love;
I’m the infestation,
I try to rise above;

To crawl out,
me and my screams,
my insatiable shouts,
are ripping me at the seams.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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