Girl in the blue dress

With eyes that sparkled like music,
and a smile innocent as acid,
that pink in her lips like a symphony,
tore through my heart in the cacophony;

Those little quips in the chaos,
that wonder in her rave,
the sobriety in her silence,
a high inside my grave;

What I would give to touch her,
feel those lips on mine,
like every ghost in this graveyard,
I was falling for this goddess sublime;

Without a care in the world,
she danced in her universe;
Her eyes, her hair, her skin so fair,
but rhymes of a heavenly verse; – And perverse may my thoughts be,
for this rhapsody in human form,
a guitar strum that she was,
faded with her song;

And I may see her again in my music,
nay, just in my dreams,
the girl in the blue dress,
the silence in my screams;

And they may not make much sense,
these words I unleash tonight,
for the key to fix this rhyme-scheme,
left with her as she walked away,
and disappeared from my sight.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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