Flying on broken wings

Love is like a cliff;
People rappel down,
to the point where they feel comfortable enough to jump.

I’m forever perched,
at the edge of this cliff;
Without a tether,
ready to jump;

I love this feeling,
the feeling of falling;
The wind in my face,
running through my hair,
that feeling of weightlessness and the immense weight of gravity;
Pushing me down;
Pulling me towards itself,
into itself;

Falling in love,
eyes wide shut ’cause opening them is meaningless in the wind;
arms wide open to reduce my rate of descent and embrace the rush at the same time.

Flying on broken wings.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

5 thoughts on “Flying on broken wings

  1. Oh my, like always, you flutter reader’s heart with your words. The feeling of falling, like an endless and bottomless happiness.. Very well written. Looking forward to catch up with all your writing!


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