Coins under the mattress

Amazing author, beautifully written story.
A short legend: Aai is a Marathi word for Mom and Baba means Dad. 

funny side up

She had an insane number of things to do before the day was over. This weekend was definitely not designed for brunches and carefree dinners with old friends, she thought. Nor would she be able to catch up on all that ‘networking’ – she was lagging behind on ‘small talk skills’ in any case, and this weekend just threw that resolution out the window. Sigh. You know you’re secretly relieved, her voice of reason whispered to her. Go away, she answered back. Was she the only one who carried out pithy dialogues in her head? With her head? Or was this normal? You don’t want to go down that road, her voice of reason spoke again, more emboldened than ever. Layla shook her head hotly as she walked out of her hotel gate, hopeful that the head jerk would knock her mental alter ego unconscious for at least a while.

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