Happy Halloween

Where water drips,
through a broken roof,
rotting wood decays;

A smell so dank,
fills your lungs,
and putrid fungus plays.

Where weeds grow,
from dank walls,
and rodents run in fray;

Winter chills,
fill the air,
a hazy autumn daze.

Where stained glasses,
color light,
a gloomy shade of blue;

On hallowed ground,
stands this church,
a place I once knew.

Where withered gravestones,
and decrepit gazebos,
now adorn the grounds;

Ghosts and ghouls,
and goblins tonight,
will happily prance about.

This wonderful
All Hallows’ eve.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

Pen it... or aaa type it. u know what i mean.

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