Morbid dreams

Morbid dreams,
screams that haunt,
fill this night,
which darkness flaunts;
Naked and cold,
alone in a storm,
shivers untold,
keep me warm;
Under autumn trees,
frail and dead,
on the roots I rest,
my sick little head;
Leaf blankets;
give me comfort;
in the fall,
where spider and worms,
and rodents crawl;
And I fall through the ground,
pass right through,
I’m floating in air now,
in clouds I once drew;
Calm and quiet,
the windless air,
wrapped around me,
a cocoon chariot, ensnared;
This new dream I’m in now,
morbid no more,
tranquil in the serenity;
Till I fall,
through a squall,
and awaken in my bed;
And wonder what makes me,
so weird in the head.

Morbid dreams,
screams in the dark,
its their lucid obscurity,
that takes me for a lark;
For not life nor love,
I care not for loss,
I wonder if I truly,
am just addicted to chaos.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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