Between darkness and death

She told me tonight,
I wasn’t a creep!
I wasn’t the sunshine,
that made her weep;

I Wasn’t the emptiness,
that blackened her soul;
I wasn’t that love!
That made her whole.

I wasn’t the starlight,
that made her seek;
The dying bLack hole,
she should not keep!

And I wasn’t the darkness,
she hated so much;
If only she’d held on,
to my dying touch.

She is no more.
and this day not for me.
She skipped a beat,

I Died a little
a little inside;
to seek answers,
to my rotting pride;

And the world shall burn;
just not for me;
That one S.O.B.;
you set free;

And I sigh;
“I-Mother fucking I!”,
“Eye of Sauron!”
“Hmmmmh”- Breathes out.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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