Where the darkness ends

High atop the mountain skies,
where starlight dances with fireflies,
and stars sing their lullabies,
to a sleeping moon in night’s disguise,
I rummage through my broken ties;

Where dusk ends and night begins,
and lullabies are but a eulogy’s fling,
and ravens glide on broken wings,
through barren trees awaiting spring,
I search for dilapidated playground swings;

Where marshy soil melts into graves,
and rotting carcasses slumber in a daze,
a settling mist the winter saves,
in forgotten words of poets brave,
I try to find a life I crave;

Where caged birds wander free,
with wolves that howl, silently,
and butterflies who spread misery,
on wuthering winds of anarchy,
I look for myself;


BY: Viraj Belgaonkar

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