A glass made of ice

A heart of water,
in a glass of made ice,
ever-flowing and infinite,
an iceberg disguise;

Broken and restored,
scar-less and whole,
scarlet and old,
stagnant in a bowl;

To feed the thirsty,
and quench a thirst,
empty at climax!
refilled by the host;

Mistaken for a stone,
an icy outside,
waters of the world,
just water inside;

When warm, a river;
Joyous and alive,
turbulent for a jiffy,
though enough to survive;

All she needs,
is a little understanding, a little patience;
A little bit,
of water;

And so it freezes,
and rains too;
To mould our cups,
and refill the spew;

A heart of water;
In a glass;
Made of ice.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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