Little drop of moonlight

T’was a cold placid night,
little wind did blow,
few scared little animals,
frolicked in the shadow;

When a single drop of moonlight,
fell from the sky,
and splashed over the hills,
like the mist’s lullaby’s;

She swept across the forest,
polka dots on the floor;
She tore through the foliage,
like sunbeams through my window;

And little specks of dust,
did dance in her light,
with birds who sang,
with glorious delight;

As dawn awakened
The little droplet, vaporized;
Like her Cheshire mother,
a morning fog disguise;

Only to return,
the following eve,
to play with the trees
and the birds and the leaves;

And to light the road,
for the ones in the dark,
this single drop of moonlight,
still prances in her lark.

Outside my window,
sneaking in.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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