So wonders the wanderer

Passing through life,
going places,
getting somewhere,
or just moving forward.

As I keep walking,
with my eyes shut for a moment, I wonder,
have I ever really moved,
or has the world moved around me?

Have I really traveled through this space,
or these times,
or have the places I left behind,
really the ones that have moved on?

These years of “living” and I’m still exactly where I started,
but in a completely different space,
relative to my position in existence;
My own existence.

I’m the same person I started out as,
in a new “cocoon” body around me;
it changes with the world its part of,
I never do.

I learn, I evolve, I adapt;
I look, feel, think and talk
Yet I’m still who I started out as.

Wonder who the wanderer is.
Me? for I exist.
or existence?
My own existence;

Around me.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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