Liquid Courage


I take another emboldening sip as I enter this familiar space. Comforting and warm. These words diffuse through my head as I try and fidget into that ideal typing position that lets me optimally reach every key I’ll need on this odyssey..

This song played when I first got here, almost apt. Like it needed to get out of me, reach out wherever, except, I’m not even sure where. Maybe what draws me here in the first place is just the solitude, and the torrent of meandering thoughts when I look at this somewhat familiar screen. Each sip brings a silly smirk to my face as I wait for nervous direction as to what keys I strike, still concious of capitalizing my ‘I’ ‘s.

Who do I want to reach out to? Me, someone who curates every post ever so carefully that I can proofread a post a 100 times and…

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