I sat on a bench by the waterfront,
as the evening settled in.
The sun had set just beyond the horizon.

I stared at the reflection of the moon.
Peacefully she danced, on a mildly turbulent sea;
Calm in the darkness that surrounded her.

As the evening advanced the boardwalk slowly filled;
The cacophony seemed to gradually eat away at silence.
The silence of reflections, which dissipated in the water yonder.

I felt my focus shift from the light to the people,
to the noise, the RACKET! It ate away at my SANITY!


I screamed,
I SCREAMED! and waTched my voIce betrAy me.

Tears spilled to my cheeks.

A passer-by, stopped.
Looked at me and smiled;
“Calm down son” he said, “The discord you hear is not from the world around you,
it bellows from the turbulence inside.
Open your eyes and look at the reflection of the moon.
It shimmer, but disappears not.
Calm your seas so your reflection may stay imprinted on them,
as it remains in the eyes of the people who love you.

Open your eyes and realise,
the world around you is neither calm nor turbulent,
it is but a reflection of yourself”

As I smiled, and wiped my eyes,
he was gone.
So was the anger and the pain,
and the noise.

All that remained,
were reflections.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar

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