We crave an escape,
to the infinity of infinity.
Grains of sand,
In a desert storm,
in choppy oceans,
tossed about,
in our search for freedom;

Beautifully formed though,
Mirrors awaiting scatter,
Into dust;

In the desert,
the seas,
Free to move,
within the confines of this expanse;

And our eyes hold a billion reflections,
Like infinite mirrors,
shards of glass,
of a mirror yet to float;

We blow in the wind,
Form dunes,
Wait to be collected by death.

Dry on land,
Wet in the seas,
Freely contained in-finity’
Infinitely free;

Emotionally spent,
Physically drained,
Lives we lead,

Toward an inevitable end,
To be scattered,
back into the sands of the desert,
of the seas,
of time;


By: Viraj Belgaonkar



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