If you haven’t yet begun;
Take a breath,
And forget the unsung;

Song stuck in your mind;
Ear worm Wiggles,
Inside your head;

And kill it!
Squash the trembling,
Little mother fucker,
fuck it;

Call to infinite violence,
Breathe in the chaos,
of your pitiful silence;

Be alone,
with yourself,
By yourself;

Be the apathetic little bitch,
Which you truly are.
Call yourself out;

Be spent,
Be tired,
Be bored,
Be human;

Carve your heart in your image,
Bleed away your emotions,
Die inside.

Be gone,
So you may spend the rest of your time free from your sorry, pathetic, self-pity’d existence;

Stop existing and let yourself live.
Forgive yourself.
Pick your pieces up and toss them in a can,
You can.

Yes you can.

By: Viraj Belgaonkar


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